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Finding the right accounting solution for your business is no easy task. You need the right mix of capabilities, combined with ease of use and an attractive pricing scheme. No wonder there are so many different software packages out there.

The one thing all of these accounting software packages lack, though, is a complete, fully-integrated accounts receivable and payment gateway solution. That’s why we developed Apxium. Apxium is an innovative software solution that gives businesses more power to manage debtors, improve cash flow and substantially enhance profitability through multiple and quantifiable efficiency gains.

Apxium might seem like the perfect solution to your business needs, but you should determine first if Apxium will be the right fit for your business model.

Here are four company-level traits you should have if you’re interested in implementing Apxium in your business.

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Invoiced Billing

Our customers are in every kind of industry, from trade to services to finance, but they run their businesses with invoiced billing. Customers who use Apxium work in:

  • Property Management
  • Finance
  • SME & general trade
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Trade
  • Legal and other Professional Services
  • Education
  • Membership Services

Whether your business relies on recurring billing, retainers, payment terms, or single-job invoices, Apxium is the right solution for you. The only type of company who should not use Apxium is one who relies on point-of-sale (POS) transactions for the majority of its revenue.

Accounting Software

Apxium integrates seamlessly with modern cloud-based accounting software packages like Xero and MYOB Cloud. Apxium works like an add-on to these software packages, scanning for newly-approved invoices and sending them out to your customer automatically via their preferred communication channel.

With Apxium, customer payments made through your Apxium-hosted payment gateway will be automatically reconciled in your accounting software.

Do you use a different accounting software? Apxium also offers support for a variety of other server-based accounting packages, and can work with you to integrate Apxium into your existing system.

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Client Debtors

Whether you’re tracking down unpaid invoices, on the phone with customers, or writing off bad debt, keeping on top of your accounts receivable eats up a lot of time.

With Apxium, your customer communications are automated. That means no more printed invoices, no email chains, and no more follow up calls. Just generate your invoice and Apxium steps in, automatically sending out an email or SMS text message with a link to the payment gateway. Apxium even keeps track of outstanding invoices on a customisable debtor dashboard and sends out reminders to past due customers so you don’t have to.

Online Credit Card and Debit Payments

Whether you’ve always taken credit card payments, or you’re exploring how to do it for the first time, Apxium will take the headache out of accepting credit cards. With its user-friendly appearance and transparent account history, your customers will find your Apxium-hosted payment site easy to use. That means less time spent identifying deposits and no more accepting cards over the phone.

Apxium’s secure, online payment gateway helps your customers pay you more easily by accepting major credit cards and/or payments from a nominated bank account via direct debit. Apxium's unique, paperless direct debit service can facilitate a single, one-off payment or an entire schedule of payments to satisfy amounts owed via instalments. You and your business get to decide whether payment via instalment is offered on a debtor by debtor basis.

When your business implements Apxium, your hosted gateway will be set up to deposit your payments automatically into your bank account, typically settled overnight.

Every payment is automatically receipted to the customer and is reconciled and written back to your accounting software. All deposits made are split by debtor and invoice with a unique transaction number via viewable and exportable reports on the Apxium debtor dashboard. Transaction numbers are also included on your bank statements, so you’ll be able to easily track each payment made.

The Apxium debtor dashboard comes complete with a virtual POS terminal so you can take customer payments over the phone or in person. There is an immediate saving in being able to hand back your expensive, bank-issued POS terminal.

Would you like to accept credit but are finding it hard to justify the costs? Apxium’s low rates will help keep your customers happy. Apxium Premium customers can choose to pass on the cost of debit transactions to their customers. The Apxium software facilitates this with simple, transparent disclosure to debtors.

Do you have customers who have multiple bills owing but want to make a single payment to settle them all? Apxium can be set up so that customers are able to pay multiple bills in one payment. Better still, Apxium will reconcile the payment amount across all of their accounts so the records are kept clean and up-to-date.

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Is Apxium Right for Your Business?

Apxium is full of cutting edge features so you can spend less time on accounts receivable and more time doing business. Some of our most popular features include:

DAILY SETTLEMENT & REPORTING: Daily payment settlements to the business happen automatically. Apxium offers automatic reconciliation by invoice reference and each payment is identifed by client.

PAYMENT REMINDERS: Past due unpaid invoices are automatically followed up with reminder emails & SMS – the content of which will gradually escalate in nature.

AUDIT TRAIL HISTORY: An auditable online record of all invoice payments and email communications is available to business administrators and the client debtor at any time.

REAL-TIME VISIBILITY: The system comes complete with a real-time client debtor payment performance dashboard for easy use and reporting for account administration staff.

CUSTOMISED SETTINGS: The Apxium system has been designed to be configurable to reflect your business philosophy, allowing you to specify the nature and frequency of payment reminders. You can even exclude or turn off communications to certain debtors.

ACCOUNTING INTEGRATION: Unpaid invoice and client contact information are remotely and automatically captured by Apxium, thereby avoiding the need to re-key information and eliminating human error.

CUSTOM EMAIL & SMS NOTIFICATION: Client debtors are contacted via email and/or SMS with a summary of all amounts owed and offered various immediate, simple online payment options. All communications are done in the name of the business, not Apxium.

Apxium helps increase your profits by making it easier for your customers to pay and decreasing the amount of administration, materials, fees, debtor days, and bad debts.

Our efficient and effective receivables process allows you to spend more time and money on growing your business and less on administering it.

If Apxium sounds like the right fit for your business, we recommend reading “Getting Started with Apxium” next. It’s easier than you might think to automate your accounts receiveable and set up Apxium’s user-friendly payment portal.

Still trying to decide whether or not Apxium is right for you? Take a look at how we can help you or explore Apxium's key features here. 

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