Accounts receivable and the business of getting paid for what you do can seem like an endless task. From preparing invoices to depositing money in your account, you spend hours generating, sending and posting bills. And when your customer doesn’t pay, you end up sending multiple copies of that same invoice. Once your customers have paid, you spend hours reconciling cheques and other adhoc payments that are often not correctly referenced. Your customers' credit card payments come with the added annoyance of paying high transaction fees. There has to be a better way.

Meet Apxium. Our innovative software makes it easy for your business to manage debtors, improve cash flow and enhance profitability.

Best of all, Apxium delivers immediate impact through multiple and quantifiable efficiency gains.

Apxium’s integrated A/R & payment gateway system removes the burden of mailing or manually emailing invoices to your clients. Apxium automatically sends out approved invoices via email and SMS text messages to your customers without any extra work. All email and SMS contain click-through links to simply allow customers to pay you using Apxium’s secure payment gateway.

Best of all, Apxium automatically writes these payments back into your accounting system. With our software, your everyday tasks become automated, saving you time, postage and supplies.

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Apxium makes it easy for your customers to pay you. Apxium sends your customer invoices via email that includes a summary of all amounts owed. Apxium users can optionally supplement email communications with SMS reminders.

Each communication contains a simple click-through link to our unique hosted debtor portal to readily facilitate bill payment.

The portal facilitates various forms of payment, including credit cards & debit from a nominated bank account, and maintains a history of all invoices and payments made by your customers.

Best of all, your customised payment gateway works on any device, including mobile phone, so your customers can pay or review their history and payment status wherever they are.


Clients can track past payments on your company’s hosted site. There, they can see a summary of all past invoices, system communications and a complete history of all their past payments.


Apxium is a fully-automated accounts receivable solution that sends email & SMS reminders to slow payers. When your customer pays, Apxium automatically sends your customer a tax compliant payment receipt. Apxium then allocates the payments to the right account on your cloud accounting software.

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A/R administrators and bookkeepers love Apxium. No need to spend time and money on printing and mail. No need to spend hours making calls to chase up slow payers. Bookkeeping is simplified as every payment made is identified, all settlements are fully reconciled and all journal entries are auto-completed.


Our integrated payment solution reduces the costs of managing receivables from the sale through payment. Plus, businesses using Apxium usually enjoy significantly reduced bank merchant service fees, debtor days and bad debts. With lower costs and greater efficiency, your business increases its profitability without raising prices.


Receive your earned income earlier with Apxium’s efficient and effective receivables process.

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Apxium integrates into your cloud accounting system to provide you with a unique, colour coded, debtor dashboard that orders and summarises the payment status of all your customers. Administrators can see how much money is at risk and drill down to review all invoice, payment and correspondence history with any client debtor. All information displayed is updated in real-time in the event of new invoices or payments received. The system comes complete with numerous exportable reports.


Your business spends less money on printing and postage with Apxium's invoicing and click-through payment portal. With Apxium, all payments are identified and fully reconciled, reducing manual, unproductive time on accounts receivable.


Apxium is a proud development partner with Xero and MYOB. We integrate with these and other cloud accounting packages with a click of a button. Your accounting records are stored securely in the cloud, so you don't need to worry about disasters.

Interested in finding out if Apxium is the right solution for you? You can learn how it works here, or you can discover Apxium's key features here.

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