Why Is Apxium Protect Better Than Audit Insurance?

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Your Clients Are Going to Love You

Audit Insurance Re-Imagined

As the trusted adviser, you are quite rightly either exploring or using an audit insurance solution to protect your clients from any unforeseen statutory tax audit consequences.

Such a decision, however, can place an administrative burden on the firm without an appropriate, offsetting economic return.

That’s why we worked with accountants who were looking for a better solution, while importantly being appropriately rewarded for their efforts.

A smarter way of protecting your clients from unforeseen tax audits.

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Audit Safe Web-Based Ready Reckoner

See below how much more income your firm could be making with your new Audit Safe Service compared to traditional Audit Insurance.

* this simple calculator ignores income from audit claims

I love to help my clients but I want to directly manage our relationship without involving an insurer. The insurance administration and claims process can be onerous and to top it off, some claims are rejected!

Sound familiar?

We have worked with accountants to remove these frustrations and keep the value within your firm’s hands by creating a technology driven solution which is disrupting the traditional audit insurance market.Apxium’s Audit Safe solution automates your ability to collect a service fee from your clients who then receive ongoing compliance information and an assurance from your firm that it will administer any unforeseen tax audit needs up to the agreed amount.

Better For Your Firm

Fully automated
Configure pricing & service levels
New income stream
Automated annual renewal process
No paperwork
No manual invoicing
No claims process

Better For Your Clients

Fully automated
Ongoing service
Click of a button – no paperwork
Tax deductible

How Apxium Protect Works

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