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The benefits of streamlining your invoicing and accounts receivables with Apxium

Apxium is dedicated to improving and streamlining invoicing and accounts receivable within your business.

We provide a market leading, end-to-end accounts receivable service that manages the entire process from the moment an invoice is created all the way to cash settlement and write back into your accounting system. We give you a unique debtor reporting and a technology-based solution to easily and consistently follow-up on slow-to-pay debtors. The secret is Apxium's fully-automated invoice presentation and reminder service that is linked to a “smart” payment gateway with hosted views by user type. Merchant administrators get access to a comprehensive debtor dashboard that summarises business cash flow exposures.

Apxium Online Payment Gateway

Visibility and Ease of Access

Because Apxium has been created to provide an extensive, end-to-end service, our payment gateway ultimately offers unique, hosted visibility and reporting. The merchant and client both get access to their respective detailed dashboards.

The access and reporting functionality of the merchant dashboard is truly revolutionary.

The dashboard gives you instant visibility of all outstanding invoices and detailed information on debtor, amount outstanding, broken down into days outstanding, as well as all communications with the client on every invoice created.

The dashboard also give you the functionality to suspend communication, view all past communications with the client and view all past invoices. In addition, you can offer paperless, fully-automated payment terms to your clients that are struggling to pay their invoices on time. The inbuilt virtual POS terminal will have you handing back your existing bank POS terminal, adding up to additional savings for your business.

Your clients also enjoy a substantially improved payment experience. The “smart” payment gateway can be branded with your business information to give them comfort. The Apxium portal always knows who is using it, so your clients only ever see their own information without having to remember user names and passwords. When client debtors pay, the gateway controls their payment behaviour while offering multiple payment method options. Apxium ensures the correct amounts are paid, the payments are always correctly referenced and instantly receipted to your client.

Once paid the cash is settled into the merchant's bank account, the corresponding journal entry is made to the merchant accounting software.

Apxium Online Payment Gateway

Reduce Costs and Save Time with Automated Communication

Our aim at Apxium is to revolutionise your accounts receivable processes through bringing the latest payment technology to bear on your business.

In addition to all the benefits gained for you and your client through the “smart” payment gateway, the inbuilt accounts receivable module fully automates and systematises your communications with your clients.

Because we use a paperless system, you save substantial money and time on manual administration. Apxium reduces your overhead eliminates overhead spent on envelopes, postage costs, and the time spent chasing accounts and receivables.

The consistency and visibility of an automated process will drive improved account receivable outcomes, which in turn improves cash flow.

As a wholesale provider, Apxium will reduce your merchant services fee costs. We can also give you the ability to pass on credit card merchant service fees to your customers with inbuilt disclosure and thus further reduce the cost.

The Apxium team come from a banking background, and we have a strong network within the banking and financial sectors. Through our relationships and expertise, we are able to deliver lower rates and provide multi-faceted financial management across your Apxium payment gateway system. This includes both unique funding and risk management solutions.

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Apxium is a truly online system, offering an end-to-end solution to invoicing, accepting payment and reconciling accounts receivable. Apxium’s innovative online payment gateway and automated A/R software addresses every stage of your accounts receivable process. Apxium is a development partner of Xero and MYOB and has been designed to seamlessly integrate with these leading cloud-based accounting packages. We bring the cloud to Server Based Software.