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When you think about how much your business spends on debtor management and overhead just to get paid by your clients, it’s easy to see where an integrated accounts receivable and payments solution can help. Apxium delivers that and more, so businesses realise instant and measurable efficiency gains.

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Online payments make it easy for customers to pay, but finding a payment gateway that ticks all the boxes is impossible. That’s why we created Apxium, the perfect, secure solution for your online payments. Apxium works with your accounting solution to deliver, follow up, and reconcile your accounts receivable automatically. With reduced debtor days, lower overhead, and increased cash flow, Apxium brings instant efficiency to any business.

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Apxium’s automated accounts receivable solution and secure payment gateway makes it easy for your customers to pay their invoices online. Apxium supports credit card payments and also debit from a nominated bank account. Apxium's unique, paperless direct debit service can facilitate a single, one-off payment or an entire schedule of payments to satisfy amounts owed via instalments.

You and your business get to decide whether payment via instalment is offered on a debtor by debtor basis.

Your business enjoys a payment gateway that works on any device, so your customers can log in anywhere to pay. Your customers never leave your website, so you control the experience and they don’t have to sign in on another company's website.

By hosting a client portal for you, Apxium also allows your customers to easily view their outstanding invoices and payments history, so your customers are able to keep track of their accounts. And with Apxium’s low credit card rates, your business no longer has to be held hostage to the high rates of other payment companies.

Accounts Receivable

Apxium works with your cloud accounting solution to keep track of your customer payments. When your customer pays, Apxium automatically issues your customer a tax receipt and reconciles the payment on your end. With Apxium's integrated accounts receivable software, payments are settled daily.

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With Apxium, your customers get your business’ invoices and payment reminders delivered automatically to email or phone.

Apxium picks up the invoices your bookkeeper authorises, sending them out automatically to your client’s preferred means of contact.

When your customers click on their online invoice payment link, they are taken to your secure, online payment portal. There, your client debtors can pay online via credit card or nominated bank account at any time, regardless of what device they’re using.

Clients can track past payments on your company’s site, where they can see at-a-glance the summary and payment of invoices, and their payment history.

Past Due and Bad Debt

Past due unpaid invoices are automatically followed up with reminder emails & SMS. These reminders gradually escalate in nature, so your accounts managers don’t have to spend their days on the phone calling overdue accounts.

Apxium also lets you configure these reminders to make sure they match your business philosophy and allows you to exempt specific customers.

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Apxium customers enjoy our in-depth accounts receivable dashboard that allows you to track real-time outstanding invoices, customer payments, and debt days.

If you’d like to find out more about how Apxium can help your business, visit How to Get Started with Apxium.

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