From the moment your business approves an invoice,
Apxium Partepay automates the rest.

It's about providing you with more...

Improve Cash Flow

Enhance Profitability 




By automating the entire receivables management process from the moment you engage with your client to do the work, Apxium’s technology solves multiple issues for the Small Medium Business.



Total Debtor Management

Fully integrated across multiple cloud accounting systems

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Partepay Integrates With...

Debtor Communications

We automate the sending of all branded invoice and payment reminder communications. 

"All communications link directly to the payment gateway"


Integrated payment gateway offering multiple secure forms of payment for your customers.

"Pay invoices through your website"


Electronic Proposal and Direct Debit
Clients can electronically accept your proposals and provide payment details for direct debits driven straight from your invoicing system.
"Get to Zero debtor days"

Funds settle daily direct to your bank account.

"We can automate the write-back of payment entries into your accounting system"


Real-time reporting of arrears, payments as well as a record of all automated communications across the business. Exportable formats.

"KPI reporting at your fingertips"

Customer Portal

Your customers can see all current & past invoices, payments made and communications with your business.

"A better customer experience, branded in your company's name"

Apxium Partepay provided these people with more...