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Overnight online payments settlements with Apxium automated accounts receivable software

Take the Work Out of Payment Settlements with Apxium

  • No touch
  • Directly settled
  • Reconciled

Apxium's complete accounts receivable solution is designed to make your entire payments and collections process simpler. As part of that, Apxium’s Payment Settlement solution eliminates hours of work from your bookkeeping.

When your clients pay their invoices via Apxium's ePayment Portal, your payments will be automatically directly settled into your nominated accounts. Each online payment is automatically reconciled with journal entries and can be written back into your accounting software, too.

This eliminates misapplied payments and saves hours of work in sorting out payment details. Even if you receive manual payments and apply them in your accounting platform, our system knows that you have done so and automatically makes the adjustments.

You can learn more about Apxium's solutions and how they help your business or click here to discover Apxium's other automated accounts receivable features.


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