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Apxium lets your business offer payment terms

Get Paid Faster with Payment Agreements

Even your best clients sometimes need flexibility when it comes time to settle their accounts.

Apxium's fully auto-managed Payment Agreements allow you to offer that flexibility with payment terms. You can either agree annual payment terms in advance of performing the services or empower your clients to settle their invoices over a period of time, ensuring that you get paid.

Apxium's Payment Agreement come complete with full visibility of scheduled payment arrangement status from both the client and the administrator portal. Your client will be able to easily reference their payment schedule and your administrator(s) will be able to see at-a-glance the status of the client’s account.

Payment Agreements also offer increased flexibility to your clients, allowing them to change or update their payment method throughout their agreements. Debtors can also prepay some or all of their outstanding balance against their payment schedule at any point.

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