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Apxium Automated Invoice sending with email and text message

Send Invoices Securely and Automatically

Your business can drastically reduce the amount of work involved in accounts receivable with Apxium's automated invoicing features.

Apxium works with your accounting solution to automatically detect your recently finalised invoices. Your invoices can then be auto presented to debtors in HTML, delivered via email and supplemented with a SMS text message. .

Apxium provides you with exceptional reporting, including bounced emails and no email address present errors, ensuring your branded invoices arrive securely to your client's inbox. These invoices are also in the Apxium system, ensuring your clients are able to see all current and past invoices by simply clicking their unique client hyperlink and visiting their own portal (branded in your business’s name).

Within their client dashboard, your clients will be able to review current and past invoices and settle them securely via a variety of payment methods.

Apxium offers flexibility in payment, allowing customers to settle all outstanding balances individually, apply a single payment to multiple invoices, and settle outstanding invoices by multiple payment methods. Apxium's secure payment gateway ensures that every payment is received, receipted,  settled securely and reconciled with your accounting system.

You can learn more about how Apxium sends your invoices here or click here to learn more about Apxium's other automated accounts receivable features.

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