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Apxium automated accounts receivable automated invoice emails

Communicate Seamlessly with Your Debtors

Businesses using Apxium can create automated client communications, so your customers always know their account status.

With included SMS text messaging options and automated emails, Apxium will send customised payment reminders to your clients. You control the frequency and content of the email, as well as the sending address so that every reminder email will be branded and timely.

Apxium client communications not only send out newly-finalised invoices to your client's email but also payment reminders in advance of due dates and to notify of past due balances.

Included, your business can also choose to enable SMS text message reminders to ensure your payment reminders don't get lost in the system.

Every payment reminder and client communication includes a one-click hyperlink to the client's dashboard, where they will be able to review and settle their accounts immediately. Automated client communications not only remove the need to print and post invoices, but also drastically reduce the need for follow-up calls.

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