How Does Apxium Collect Work?


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Total Receivables and Payment Solutions Apxium

Drive Payment Options

We make the payment experience for your customers easy. It’s click-of-a-button! All invoices are customised to include your branding and are immediately accessed by your customer whether it be via PC or our free SMS reminders (with your SMS sender ID) with hyperlinks taking them direct to the payment gateway that offers multiple forms of payment. Your customer no longer needs to open attachments to retrieve them or log in to a website to pay. We automate the invoice the way you want it presented.

Most importantly, there is a direct call to action for your clients to pay now, set to pay on the due date or, indeed pay by instalments (customisable, should your business seek to offer terms). By automating these payment methods, your business maximises the potential of your customers committing to pay “there and then”. No more saving the email for actioning later!

Your customers can view all their accounts in their own customer portal making it easy for them to pay multiple invoices at once. Your customers can view all past payments, invoices and communications with your company.

Every payment directly settles to your bank account and the payment bookkeeping entries can be automatically written back into your accounting system.

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Reduce Your Collections Effort & Debtor Days

We make it simple for you to change the nature and frequency of your communications.

Customise how often you want to send your email & free SMS communications to your customers.

Additionally, customise your serious arrears criteria for any customers who are slow in paying to drive payment outcomes.

We understand that ALL businesses have customers with different payment term arrangements. Our system allows you to group your customers into different payment terms.

Uniquely, by offering your customers the ability to pay by instalments we can provide you with immediate, paperless finance*. The system manages the rest.

This total integrated solution delivers superior debtor day reduction.

*Subject to financier credit criteria

Total Receivable and Payment Solutions Apxium
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Deliver a Superior Experience for your Customers

What if all your customers could access all their accounts on-line any time via your web-site? How much easier would it be for them if they were re-directed automatically to a secure customer portal from any electronic invoice, email reminder or SMS they receive from you? What if this portal was branded in your business’s name?

What if your customer was able to automatically pay on payment terms, allowing them to manage their cash flows all while your business gets paid up-front?

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No More "I Didn't Recieve My Invoice"

Every action within the system has a 360-degree audit trail viewable in real-time by all parties. We host views for your system administrators as well as the same relevant views for your customers within their own customer portal.

By integrating the total end-to-end process from invoice approval through to payments hitting your account with your accounting platform - we ensure that nothing slips through the cracks!

We give you more time to enjoy the things you want to do!

Total Receivables and Payment Solutions Apxium
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Total Receivables and Payment Solutions Apxium


By being completely integrated we make the payment experience for your customers so simple! We also make the experience no-touch for your staff.

From accessing your invoice via email, SMS or a payment link on your website we provide a complete click-through experience.

From fully integrated ePayment options, so your customers no longer have to print invoices for later payments or accessing their banking site to arrange a payment (and potentially miss-referencing the invoice details!). Your customers can manage it all directly from their electronic invoice by whatever options you wish to make available including Credit Card, paperless Direct Debit or any other ePayment service you wish to use.

Customer payments made from the electronic invoice are directly settled to your bank account and payment accounting entries can be written back into your accounting system. 

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Real-Time Visibility Across Your Business

By integrating with your accounting system and driving every aspect of the collections and payments across your business, we gather a rich source of data which delivers you a comprehensive, real-time overview of your complete debtor performance at a glance.

Whether it be your arrears performance of your entire portfolio, geography or sales channel, your daily settlement performance or, indeed, your provisions we have multiple reports – csv extractable - that enable you to stay on top of your business!

Total Receivables and Payment Solutions Apxium
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