Apxium Testimonials


Being a user of APS accounting software, Apxium has delivered numerous efficiencies to our firm, particularly in the administration of receivables. Throughout our relationship with Apxium, we have been extremely happy with their level of service, the consultative nature they have worked with our business and their ability to provide innovate solutions. 

Richard Dixon, Manager

Pitcher Partners, Adelaide



 Apxium has brought a great deal of efficiency to our invoicing and accounts processes. The system communications, along with the ease of client payment have seen our business enjoy a significant reduction in debtor days that has now stabilised at a much lower level. This along with the automatic receipting, as well as the automatic journaling into Xero has allowed us to redeploy staff from chasing debtors to other functions within the business. I would highly recommend Apxium to other accounting practices.

Manish Sundarjee, Executive Director

Kidmans Partners



We have been using Apxium since 2015 and the system is really impressive. Apxium has caused a debt collection role in our business to become redundant, as well as driving a dramatic reduction in our debtor days. The team are great to deal with and always helpful

Chris Bray, Director

Bray Chan


We are a growing firm looking for technology solutions to provide efficiencies within our business, while, more importantly, delivering an enhanced client experience.We are delighted with the Apxium system as it gives us the best of both worlds!

Tom Carr, Director

Oreon Partners



We have been using Apxium for a month now and the success  we've received has been overwhelming.  Within 24 hours of going live with Apxium half the funds we received overnight were from old debtors. (Clients we have been chasing for 9 -12 months).  The payment process is very easy for the clients - less than a minute to process a payment.With Apxium I now have an extra hour a day to focus on other jobs plus the reduction in phones has also saved time.

Natalie Crowe, Financial Controller / Practice Manager

Addvantage Accountants



We've got a unique skill set and solution set. We understand the challenges. We really can deliver some pretty unique solutions.

- Jeremy Coombe, Apxium Managing Director

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