Apxium refunds apxium a/r software pricing Xero MYOB Reckon APS accounts receivable


If you are not completely satisfied with the service provided by Apxium you can request and will receive a full refund of the current monthly service charges by contacting support@apxium.com or by calling 1300 765 685. Apxium will always honour your request, but reserves the right to cancel the services where the request for refund is not substantiated.



If you dispute the validity of any online payments, we will supply evidence of the online payment activity to the sponsor financial institution and they will determine whether or not the transaction is to be reversed.



For any other refund requests please contact us via support@apxium.com or call 1300 765 685. For email refund requests, we will respond within 24 hours and will look to remedy any defect in our service and refund our services charges in respect of the period where the service defect was apparent  

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