How Does Apxium Money Work?

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Professional Fee Funding - Simplified

You have done the work, sent the invoice and then wait to get paid. If you’re lucky your clients ALL pay on time!

Imagine if all you had to do was approve the invoice to get paid up-front?

Apxium automatically renders and emails your invoice in HTML – branded in your name – with all the line item details.

At the click of a button – direct from the invoice - your client can elect to repay the invoice in monthly instalments, while you get paid 100% of the invoice amount upfront.

No paperwork, no setup costs, no handing your clients off to a funder, no client contract set up.

Just full automation. From start to collection of the final instalment.

Better For Your Firm

Fully automated
Paid 100% of the invoice up-front
No paperwork
No re-keying information
No administration
No financiers contacting your clients
No fees paid to the financier

Better For Your Clients

Fully automated
Cash flow management
Click of a button – no paperwork
Set & forget – direct from the initial invoice; or
Administer your repayment schedule online

How Apxium Money Works

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