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When it comes to understanding your debtor books, nothing is easier to understand than an Apxium dashboard. Our fully-integrated accounts receivable platform offers real-time insight into your clients and debtors with simple status indicators, current balances, and past due balances.

You can get even more insight into your debtor books with Apxium’s free reporting tools, which give you all the information you need to make beautiful, customisable reports.

The rich data of the Apxium hosted dashboard is also extractable, allowing you to manipulate the information to your needs!

Axpium Reporting Features for Accountants

Summary Invoicing and Revenues

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Export all your settled invoices and revenues for the selected period. Use our Summary Invoicing and Revenues report to manipulate your data and easily understand your income in a simple PDF report.


Aged Debtors


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Dive deep into your outstanding debtor information and understand how their invoices and balances break down into 30, 60, 90, and 91+ day periods. These .XLSX downloads allow you to manipulate the data and to better understand and communicate trends in your business.



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Create an easy-to-understand provision report so  you get a clear picture of your seriously outstanding balances. The extracted .XSLX spreadsheet allows you to easily manipulate and analyze your data.


Debtor Status

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Sort and filter your debtors’ statuses to track their history and dive deep into their payment trends with an extracted .XLSX spreadsheet.


Payment Schedules

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Keep a record of your clients’ terms arrangements with our Payment Schedules report. Use this report to help your clients understand your client payment obligations over the life of your agreement. The extracted .XLSX spreadsheet allows you to manipulate and analyse data for simple presentations and record keeping.

For maximum utility and data manipulation, most Apxium reports can be exported in .XLSX format. You'll be able to manipulate data, create gorgeous customisable graphs, and keep hard copies for your records.

Discover more about the Apxium features that accountants love here, or sign up for a free demo and get all your questions answered in person.