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Cloud accounting software has made it easier than ever to understand where your money is going and where it’s coming from. With software as a service (SAAS) accounting platforms like Xero and Xero Practice Manager, MYOB AR, AE and Cloud and Reckon APS, accountants and bookkeepers have more power and visibility than ever before into their books. Yet even with premium services, you still need to find a way to manage your accounts receivable, create a secure payment gateway, and contact clients.

Discover Apxium, the only fully-integrated and automated accounts receivable solution.

The Apxium hosted dashboard gives you total clarity of your outstanding debtors with its simple and intuitive design, putting you in charge of the information you need in real time!

The Apxium dashboard pulls information automatically from your accounting solution, so your client information is always up to date. Apxium works with a wide variety of accounting software, including

  • Xero and Xero Practice Manager (XPM)

  • MYOB AR, MYOB AE, and MYOB Cloud


  • Reckon APS

Unlike many other types of software, Apxium fully synchronises with select accounting cloud software platforms, ensuring that a change in one is reflected in the other. With Apxium, you can eliminate double work and spend less time switching between applications.

Apxium offers even more than that, though. As a software designed by accountants for accountancy practices and business merchants, we’ve created a rich set of features that give you an in-depth overview of your accounts receivable. We call it the Apxium Debtor Dashboard.


Apxium Accounts Receivable

With your branded Apxium Debtor Dashboard, you’ll always know exactly where your clients stand.

Your Apxium dashboard offers deep insight about your current clients and debtors. From outstanding balances and repayment status to invoice information, Apxium offers you everything you need to know to stay on top of your accounts, including:

  • Full Debtors List

  • Outstanding Balance

  • Status

  • Current Invoice Balances

  • Past Due Balances

  • Notes and Alerts

Let’s break down these features further:

Outstanding Balance

Apxium Accounts Receivable

The outstanding balance summarises all your client’s outstanding debts in a single column, so you can quickly grasp how much you are owed. And Apxium always keeps the running total at the bottom of your dashboard, so you’ll be able to see at a glance how your accounts sit.


Debtor Status


Apxium Accounts Receivable

Get clear information about the repayment status of your debtors using an easy-to-understand traffic light system. Apxium even lets you filter your debtors based on status so you can quickly identify and analyse your overdue debtors.


Current Invoice Balances

Apxium Automatic Accounts Receivable

See how much your debtors owe for the current billing period.


Past Due Balances

Apxium Automatic Accounts Receivable

Break down all your debtor’s past due balances by

  • 0-30

  • 31-60

  • 61-90

  • 91+

days past due.

These powerful insights allow you to monitor your clients' historical payment performance so you can take action to help them settle their accounts. Plus, with Apxium’s smart communications, your past-due clients will receive automatic notifications about their past due balances, saving your time in following up.


Notes and Alerts

Apxium Automated Accounts Receivable

Quickly make a note on clients with unique circumstances. These system-wide notes let you keep track of your clients within the Apxium dashboard, so every user is able to see and work with any information there.

Apxium will automatically tag your debtors with any Alerts, so you can see at a glance any clients with special circumstances.


Suspend and Reactivate Debtors

Apxium Automated Accounts Receivable

Do you have debtors with whom you have a special arrangement? You can easily suspend notifications to a particular debtor and later reactivate them with a simple click of the mouse.




Apxium Automated Accounts Receivable

Keep track of your debtor books without upgrading your subscription plan. Unlike other cloud software, Apxium lets you create as many users as you need at no extra cost, allowing everyone in your business to stay on top of their debtor books. With the option to filter by user, you can get quick insight into your managed clients or switch back to a company-level overview.



 Apxium Automated Accounts Receivable

All your past client payments are listed for you under the Settlements tab. You get a quick view of all payments made, including the debtor, the invoice number as well as amount paid. While Apxium automatically journals all payments against the relevant invoices in your software, you are still able to see all the detailed information at the click of a button.



You can learn more about how to use Apxium at our Reporting page, or sign up for a free demo to get all your questions answered.


*This feature is currently in development for MYOB AE users to enable full synchronisation across your platforms.