Making it Easy for Customers To Pay 

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Making it Easy for Customers To Pay 

Accountants have always been Apxium's most enthusiastic supporters because they understand the intrinsic value of automated Accounts Receivable and a simple, cost-effective payment gateway solution. Efficient payment systems and invoice software are vital in effective day-to-day operations for accountants. This is why we’ve made the payment processes simple through Apxium, which can easily be integrated into any business and accounting software system.


Easy access, online payments that are both PC and mobile friendly

Apxium allows you, your clients, and your payees to access their payments at any time, making payments and monitoring easy.

Automated interrogation of your accounting system to collect invoices for presentation to debtors

Saves you and your clients time and money sending and chasing invoices. Simply enter the information into the system, and Apxium does the rest.

Direct, overnight cash settlement for payments made online

Receive quick and easy payments straight into yours and your client’s accounts. Apxium values privacy and security as much as you do, which is why we don’t handle payments in any way. 

Gateway payments reconciled with journal entries, and written back into your accounting platform

Apxium works with the accounting platform you choose to use. Payment details are entered into your platform automatically, saving you time on tedious paperwork.

Credit notes, manual payments received, and pre-payments are auto-recognised and synchronised to your accounting platform

Apxium recognises the type of payment that is made and ensures it is written into your chosen accounting platform, so you and your clients are kept up-to-date on any payments made.

All payments made via the gateway are auto-receipted to the debtor

Apxium creates personalised payment receipts instantly, saving you time and providing instant notification of payment to the payee.

Unique, integrated virtual terminal (at no extra cost)

We provide a secure and unique payment terminal, which allows payees to pay via credit or debit card online. Payees don’t pay extra fees to use this feature, making it simple to handle payments for both parties.

Paperless direct debit facilities with no manual process for the administrator or debtor

Speed up and simplify the signup process for payees, and further increase your administrative cost savings. Apxium makes it more convenient for you, your clients and payees with no forms to complete or the possibility of delays.


Auto-managed scheduled payment arrangements

Apxium manages any scheduled payments with payment notifications and journal entries into yours and your client’s accounting platforms.

Merchant branded client and merchant administrator portals

Customise your merchant portal with yours and your client’s logos and business details, so payees know exactly who an invoice is from every time.

Apxium's payment features for accountants means you can increase your cash flow and daily working efficiencies. Online payment systems provide a simple solution to save you time and money on everyday tasks. Discover if Apxium will be the right fit for your business, or sign up for a free demo to see our platform in action.