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Apxium is an innovative software solution that is designed to help businesses like yours manage debtors, improve cash flow and substantially enhance profitability through multiple and quantifiable efficiency gains.

Apxium is a truly online system offering an end-to-end solution for invoicing, accepting payment and reconciling accounts receivable. Apxium’s innovative software addresses every stage of your accounts receivable process.

Apxium’s Innovative Software Addresses Every Stage of Your Accounts Receivable Process

Once you have authorised an invoice, Apxium begins working by electronically transmitting that invoice via email or SMS. These messages contain a client-specific URL to your Apxium payment gateway, allowing clients to pay their outstanding invoices with a single click. The funds are then deposited into your specified account and Apxium makes the journal entries into your accounting software against the correct invoices. Client payments can be made in single instalments, as well as from multiple sources for those clients with multiple business entities.

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For those clients who need prompts, Apxium’s automated payment reminders help customers remember upcoming and past due debts.

All payments made through an Apxium payment gateway are automatically reconciled and written back into your accounting software package, saving hours of labor in typing and checking for errors. Apxium also comes complete with a client dashboard, allowing your customers to have transparent access to their payment history and outstanding account balance.

Industry-Leading Software Partners and Integrations

Apxium is a development partner of Xero and MYOB and has been designed to seamlessly integrate with these leading cloud-based accounting packages.

With a click of a button, Apxium will automate your accounts receivable.

Apxium is also integrated with numerous other leading accounting packages and is easily integrated with your business’ package.

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