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Just approve the invoice. We get you paid faster by automating the rest.


You have done the work sent the invoice and then wait to get paid.

If you’re lucky, your clients all pay on time.

Imagine if all you had to do was approve the invoice to get paid up-front?
Our clients understand the intrinsic value of automated accounts receivable filled with all the features that you need for more efficient client cash flow management, made seamless through integrating a simple, low-cost payment gateway solution.

New functionality

Simply upload your engagement letter and allow Apxium to automate your client’s payments associated with the work you undertake. Fixed & variable fee proposals or subscription-based payments are automatically paid on the due-date.

Apxium Collect

Get Paid Up-Front

The simplest, no work fee funding solution in the market.

Imagine if all you had to do was approve the invoice to get paid up-front?

Apxium automatically renders and emails your invoice in HTML – branded in your name – with all the line item details.

At the click of a button – direct from the invoice - your client can elect to repay the invoice in monthly instalments, while you get paid 100% of the invoice amount upfront.

No paperwork, no setup costs, no handing your clients off to a funder, no client contract set up. Just full automation. From start to a collection of the final instalment.


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Apxium Accounting Software

A smarter way of protecting your clients from unforeseen tax audits. 

Apxium Accounting software

Insurance disruption delivering a better solution for the firm and your clients

As the trusted adviser, you are quite rightly either exploring or using an audit insurance solution to protect your clients from any unforeseen statutory tax audit consequences.

That’s why we worked with accountants who were looking for a better solution, while importantly being appropriately rewarded for their efforts.

The result is Apxium Protect - the first technology-driven solution that delivers:

  • a better experience for your clients;
  • a significantly reduced administrative burden on the firm; and
  • a material economic improvement for the firm

Your clients are going to love you

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Total Debtor Management

Fully Integrated across multiple cloud and server-based accounting systems

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